Our Mission

Preserve History; Support Education & Revitalize Communities

The Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that honors the legacy of Mrs. Kathlyn Joy Gilliam who was one of Dallas’ greatest, most courageous civil rights leaders and a champion for quality education for boys and girls. The Museum realizes Mrs. Gilliam’s vision of:

  • providing a safe and inspiring environment where community members can help build a solid educational foundation for children and youth; and
  • developing community and business leaders for generations to come.

The Museum displays Mrs. Gilliam's awards, books, writings and photos, and also serves the community as a learning center, which provides:​

  • a Youth Debate Team that serves to teach and instill an appreciation for the written and spoken word, as well as the well-researched and reasoned debate; and 
  • a Meeting Space and a Reading Resource Room that provides students and community members with a space to meet and will expand to provide guided reading programs, computer literacy initiatives and summer reading camps.

The Museum is a space for teaching and learning- inspiring and training a new generation to practice Mrs. Gilliam’s strategies for creating more learning opportunities for our youth; empowering the South Dallas community to renew its greatness and pursue new avenues for community development. 

   Donate on September 19th
Donate on September 19th

Our Programs



 Preserving and honoring past achievements provide future generations with inspiration and a blueprint for progress.  



 Mastering the art of communication and reasoned debate can open doors to a brighter future.  Find out how you can get involved. 



 Reading is the foundation of all learning.  We're dedicated to preparing our youth and community members for success. 



 We welcome retired educators and members of the community to work with the Museum and its educational programs.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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