Museum Programs

Award Winning Youth Debate Team

The Museum supports a training center for our Youth Debate Team. Mrs. Gilliam would say, “Our children have not mastered the art of discussion.”  An important skill which allows those who  hold opposing views to discuss controversial issues without descending to insult or emotional appeals.  

Mrs. Gilliam believed that more voices are heard when they come to the table armed with- knowledge of the facts  and a well-reasoned point of view, which allows for better communication and greater change.   

Debate team members are from grades 3-5 and participate in multiple debate competitions throughout the school year, culminating in a debate tournament in Atlanta, GA. Community leaders and area teachers serve as debate team coaches and advisers.   It is our goal to teach and instill an appreciation for the written and spoken word, as well as the well researched and reasoned debate.  

For the past three (3) years our Youth Debate Team has traveled to Atlanta, GA to compete against other elementary school teams and consistently scores as one of the highest teams.


The Museum & Meeting Space

The Museum is located in Mrs. Gilliam’s former home in the heart of South Dallas. Mrs. Gilliam’s home was designated an historical landmark by the City of Dallas, a distinction that is only given to a select few based on the significant impact a person or place has had on the Dallas community.   

Mrs. Gilliam resided in her South Dallas home for 40 years, where she had an open-door policy for concerned community members. Political and educational movements were envisioned and executed at her kitchen table- served with a side of her legendary crispy fried chicken!   

The Museum stands as reminder to the community of what one can do for the many when they have passion, dedication and an understanding of organizational movements.    

The Museum displays Mrs. Gilliam's awards, books, photos and other salient artifacts that share her mission and story.   The Museum also serves as a meeting space for local organizations.  Please contact the Museum to schedule your next meeting.


The Reading Room

The Museum will expand to support a Reading Resource Room.  Mrs. Gilliam believed that reading was the key to success.  She often said, “If you can read, you can do anything”- truer words were never said.   Our goal is to  utilize retired educators to provide students and community members with:

  • Guided reading programs to support district reading initiatives;
  • Summer reading camps to maintain student achievement levels;
  • Adult literacy programs to improve and empower adult community members;  and
  • Computer literacy programs to prepare the community for 21st century working and living, chipping away at the digital divide.

Mrs. Gilliam left behind numerous books that she enjoyed reading for work and pleasure.   The Museum encourage's people of all ages to come and enjoy the books she cherished.